Zhangzhou Snow Fungus (Second graded) 漳州乙雪耳 50g


[Zhang Zhou Snow Fungus] is the best quality among all snow fungus.
In deep yellow color, after soak, will turn bigger and silvery white.
Zhangzhou snow fungua has more significant efficacy, and more crisp. Ideal ingredient for soup and dessert.
Rich in collagen, can moisten lungs, best for skin rejuvenation, clear heat, detoxification, and ease constipation.
雪耳當中以[漳州雪耳]为最佳品质. 胶原蛋白
色泽带深黄, 浸泡后会变大, 及变回原来的银白色.
无论煲汤或糖水, 漳州雪耳都有更显著的功效, 和更能保持爽脆口感.
含丰富胶原蛋白, 有滋阴润肺, 嫩肤养颜, 清热解毒, 舒缓便秘等功效

Free from Sulphur dioxide, artificial flavoring, and preservative.

不含硫磺, 人造色素, 防腐剂与调味料.


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