Sour Plum Drink 乌梅汤 140g (For 5 pax)


Product information
Sour plum drink is a popular drink. It can quench thirst,

and has very obvious health benefit. It has the effects of

invigorating the spleen and improving appetite, reduce phlegm,

and aids digestion. Beneficial for people who suffer from side effect

of radiotherapy, such as reduced appetite, drying of saliva secretion,

reduce sensitivity in taste and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

The nutrients contained in the drink can improve skin problems,

reduce acne and remove oil. In addition, tangerine peel reduce

phlegm, and the sweet scent of Osmanthus can relieve the

discomfort from heat or motion sickness.

Suitable for
– Those with acne issue

– People with poor appetite

– Those who suffer from fatigue

– Those with stagnation in liver

– People with sore throat

– Rejuvenating

Rinse ingredients, boil with 2L of water. After it is boiling, turn

to lower heat and slow boil for 45 minutes. Add rock sugar

accordingly. Turn off the heat, add Osmanthus flower and

simmer for another 30 minutes.


– Not suitable during pregnancy

– Not suitable during menstruation

– Do not mixed with other medication

Place at cool and dry place

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