Snow Fungus 剪花雪耳 80g


无硫磺新鲜雪耳干, 耳花松散干燥无黑斑
通过实验室检测,不含硫磺, 人造色素, 防腐剂与调味料

  • 益气清肠,
  • 润滋阴降火 
  • 生津润肺 
  • 健脾养颜
  • Nourishs essential fluid and purge excessive inner heat
  • Promotes the secretion of body fluid, and moistening the lungs,
  • Strenthens spleen 
  • improve skin complexion by reducing the collagen losses in the skinNatural product.

Free from Sulphur dioxide, artificial flavoring, and preservative.


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