Sliced Genuine Premium Tianqi Notoginseng 田七片 120g


Authentic quality produce of Yunnan.
Pure fine Notoginseng powder, with strong Notoginseng’s aroma and unique sweetness.
The main function of Notoginseng is promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, it has the effect of expand blood vessels and protect our liver.
Efficacy of Notoginseng: — lower cholesterol and blood sugar. — anti ageing. — anti-inflammatory anfd protect liver. — promote blood circulation. — boost immune system. — improve memory and brain power, enhance learning. — promote metabolism. — improve vitality. — lower blood pressure, improve blood flowand microcirculation, prevent heart disease.
正品, 云南产地, 品质纯净的名贵药材. 防三高
醇正的细田七粉, 有浓重田七味, 才有回甘.
田七粉主要功效是活血化瘀, 能有效的扩张血管, 保护肝脏.
主要功能: — 降低血脂, 血糖, 抑制动脉硬化. — 延缓衰老. — 保肝, 抗炎. — 止血, 活血化瘀. — 提高免疫力. — 提高脑力和记忆力, 增强学习能力. — 促进血液细胞新陈代谢. — 强身健体. — 增加血流量, 改善微循环, 预防心脏病.

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