Shi Hu flake (Dendrobium officinale) 铁皮石斛 80g


AUthentic Yunnan produce Tie Pi Shi Hu Dendrobium officinale.
Shi Hu is a commonly used inexpensive Chinese medicine. Its health benefits is widely recognize. It is a very good health supplement.
Efficacy: –Reduce blood pressure and sugar. –Tonic for spleen and stomach. –Enhance immune and anti-aging.
Dendrobium officinale can be used for daily nourishing yin maintenance, women nourishing the skin, slowing down aging, but also a tonic product for yin deficiency and frail people. It is also used to strengthen the body and protect the eyes.
Suitable for: –People with deficiency in vital organs. –People with insomnia and poor sleep quality. –People with high blood sugar, high blood fat, diabetes. –Cancer patients. –Overwork, excessive smoker and drinker, party goer, fatigue, people with weakened immunity. –People with dry eyes, sore waist and knee.
云南正品铁皮石斛. 贡品
石斛是中医常用的一味中药, 而铁皮石斛是石斛中的极品, 其保健养生的功效已经得到广大的认可, 对很多的疾病都有着神奇的治疗作用, 同时还是一种很好的保健食材.
功效: –降压降糖, –补益脾胃, –增强免疫力, 延年益寿
铁皮石斛可以用于日常的滋阴保养, 女性滋养皮肤, 减缓衰老, 同时也是阴虚体弱者的滋补佳品, 用于强身健体, 也是护眼佳品.
以之代茶, 开胃健脾
适宜人群: –五脏阴虚人群. –失眠, 睡眠质量差. –高血糖, 高血脂, 糖尿病. –肿瘤患者. –精力透支, 劳累过度, 烟酒过度, 夜生活过度, 容易疲劳, 免疫力下降人群. –手足心热, 神疲烦倦, 腰膝酸软人群.


Caution: During pregnancy, consult physician before using Shi Hu. 怀孕期间, 请先咨询医生.

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