Lion’s Mane Four Tonics Soup 猴头菇四神汤 115g (For 2-3 pax)



孕妇佳品 – 孕前孕后皆宜。

猴头菇 – 药食两用的真菌。

An excellent family soup.

Beneficial for pre-natal and post-natal care.

                Lion’s Mane Mushroom is used as medicine and food source.

                It helps to regulate and maintain healthy spleen and stomach,

                dissipate fatigue.

                Efficacy 功效:

                – 能帮助调节和养护脾胃。Improve and regulate digestive sysstem

                – 消除疲劳。Improves energy

                – 帮助三餐不定时。Helps regulate indigestion

                – 上班族工作压力大,又不好好吃饭,肠胃出现问题的人群。

                   Suitable for those who do not have regular meals,

                   or have digestive problems

                   本品是由产地严格采购,挑选优质药材, 层层把关,品质保证,


                   Our herbal products are made from the finest ingredients,

                   with quality assurance and according to classic formula

                   and the theory of dietary therapy.


                   Pack in Singapore.


                   Free from Sulphur dioxide, artificial flavoring, and preservative.


                   注意: 若预期存放超过30天, 建议放入冰箱保鲜。

                   Place at cool and dry place.

                   Note: Please store in refrigerator to maintain freshness

                   if intended to consume after 30 days

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